COMPOSITION- How To Make Pictures

Here is a GREAT resource!

INSTRUCTION: Composition- How To Make Pictures!

John Kricfalusi (John K.) recently posted a really cool series of great articles on composition and layout on his blog…

Find the links (via the great Hollywood Animation Archive)  here:

Posts include…

Composition For Layout And Background Artists: Framing
Composition 2: Intersection
Composition 3: Clear Staging
Composition 4: Staging Groups of Characters
Composition 5: Negative vs Positive Space
Composition 6: Asymetricality
Composition 7: Poses Working Together
Composition 8: Form vs. Detail, Lettering, Reference
Composition 9: Study Other Artists
Composition 10: Contrasts
Composition 11: Organic Shapes
Composition 12: Contrasts in Texture and Spacing
Composition 13: Scale
Composition 14: Form Over Detail
Composition 15: Form in Clouds
Composition 16: Flair
Composition 17: Reference and Inspiration
Composition 18: Scene Planning For TV Part One
Composition 19: Scene Planning For TV Part Two
Composition 20: More Inspiring BG Layouts